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Worn during the day, or the night, gas-permeable or soft, we fit all types of contact lenses and our Optometrists have great experience in this area of practice.

Day Lenses

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Choose from daily disposable, monthly disposable, multifocal, toric or rigid gas-permeable. Our FRESHVISION eye-care scheme offers many advantages:

Night Lenses

Nocturnal Contact Lenses (Ortho-K)

Nocturnal lenses are unique contact lenses that correct your short sight while you sleep. They do this by gently changing the shape of your eye in a controlled way so when you wake up and take out your lenses you will have clear vision all day!

As a Nocturnal Lens wearer you will experience a freedom of lifestyle which is not possible with any other type of contact lenses, where dust, hayfever, air-conditioning, dryness and many other factors can cause problems.

Fitting Nocturnal Lenses

The fitting of Nocturnal Lenses follows a similar procedure to conventional contact lenses.

Initially the eyes are examined to assess suitability, then the exact contours of the eye are mapped using a corneal topographer, so that individually tailored lenses can be produced.

Benefits include:

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Our eye examinations last 40 minutes, to allow us to assess your vision and examine the health of your eyes using the latest technology.